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Top 5 crystal jewellery

Are you looking for beautiful crystal jewellery and super discounts?  proposals are really nice, affordable and free shipping is included.

We have made a list with the top 5 items, much more is then at the store.

1) Multicolour and silver flower Jewellery set

Top position for beauty and elegance, it's a Jewellery set which complete your style



 multicolor rose gold and silver jewellery setmulticolor and silver rose gold jesellery set

2)Leaf chain bracelet

Position assigned to one of the most beautiful proposals from the bracelet collection,made with style and attention to details,available in 3 variants

multicolor and rose gold leaf chain bracelet


3)Champagne drop earrings

How much style in this earrings? this is the choice for charm 

rose gold champagne drop earrings 

4)Crystal daisy ring and Silver vintage ring

Fourth position assigned to two items, "Crystal daisy" gives some happiness being colourful and the "Silver vintage" is one of the chosen because transmits so much femininity

crystal daisy ring

silver vintage ring

5)Luxury necklace

If you have to celebrate something,this necklace will perfectly fit your dress or neckline


crystal luxury necklace

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  • Each chakra in our body relates to specific issues and responds to certain vibrations. The crystals may change this vibration making you feel all happy healthy and awesome inside. Wear your crystal in the form of your super-pretty jewelry. For complete information, visit

    hannah smith

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